Masterpiece Dolls

February 2012                        

Dakota by Monika Peter-Leicht

Ht 46" full body vinyl with 11 joints

Ball joints in the knees and elbows and joints in the wrist hips and neck

Comes with a wooden doll stand, Limited Edition 350 pieces


Harper by Monika Levenig

Ht 26.5" full body sculpt posed in a realistic and adorable crawling position.

Specially sculpted curved back to add to her overall charm.

Pretty blonde baby fine hair and blue eyes, Limited Edition 350 pieces

Full Price-$225.00

Jenna by Monika Levenig

The second in our "ladybug" series after Lacey, Ladybugs bring good luck and that is what Monika wishes for her collectors for 2012

 Ht 32 inches vinyl doll with legs sculpted above the knees,arms sculpted above the elbows, shoulder plate and cloth body

Limited Edition 350 pieces

Full Price-$247.00


Katrina by Monika Peter-Leicht

Ht 35" full body vinyl sculpt with ball joints in the knees, arms are slightly softer vinyl

She can sit or stand, brown shoulder length hair tied up in a bow.

Lovely white outfit accented with an embroidered bodice design and pretty coordinating prints

Limited Edition 350 pieces


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